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Welcome to Easy Round Granny Square Baby Blanket - Crochet Pattern!

The written pattern is available here:

The yarn I used is here: Cakes DK:

See Pattern 1 - Part 1 here to start your project, you need to follow the chain count and first few rows on Part 1 if you are going to start your project with Pattern 2 instead of Pattern 1:



Welcome to Pattern 2!
Mosaic crochet is great for all skill levels and can be used to create many different things such as blankets, pillows, purses/bags, totes and garments. You can crochet these patterns in any combination you would like or just choose one and make and entire project with the same design. The result will be an eye catching, geometric design that is unisex and versatile.


My goal is to put out a minimum of 1 pattern per week.


HOOK SIZE: 5.5 mm for a blanket but if you are doing a bag of any kind or using size 3 do yarn I would use a 5 mm or smaller.


THE YARN: I'm using size 4 and mixing in a few colors that are size 3 DK. THE TRICK TO


Tapestry sounds scary but it is super easy to do once you know the
little tricks that make it come out better.

The project that I am showing in the video is my new design Panes of
Change which will be published within 2 weeks of making this video.

I can be found online at and facebook under my name. I have a
group on Ravelry named Made of Change where I share all of my design
work and do my pattern testing.


Crochet Spiral Tutorial | Girlybunches
This weeks video..... CLICK "SHOW MORE"

is how I make Crochet Spiral

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I'm designing and hand making a christening gown, made out of handmade, Irish crochet Bebe lace

One thing I wish I had learned earlier on when learning to crochet? The foundation double crochet stitch! This stitch is perfect for starting a new project when you don't like working back through your foundation chain. Written tutorial:
This tutorial is a step-by-step on how to crochet an image using a graph! Grab a graph paper notepad from your local Walmart so you can copy my graph to make it easier to follow along.

If you don't know how to switch colors click the link to check out my How To video: