DIY Toilet Paper Roll HALLOWEEN Cute Spooky Little MONSTERS - KIDS Easy Craft - Recycle

1 year ago
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After I already showed you in one of my previous videos how to make 10
animals out of toilet paper rolls I decided to make another set of ten
cute little spooky monsters to decorate your house on Halloween.

Most of the smaller details needed for the characters I cut out and
prepared before so that I save some time in the video. It is already too
long anyway but you can always skip to the part you want to see.

Here is the chronology so that you can find it easier:

1. Vampire
2. Ghost
3. Witch
4. Bat
5. Spider
6. Black Cat
7. Pumpkin 1.
8. Pumpkin 2.
9. Frankenstein
10. One Eye Monster

In case you don't have a color paper you can always paint everything
with the colors you have (watercolors, acrylic paint...).

If you will have problems or questions on how to make something feel
free to write to me. I am always here to help you.

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