See Pattern 1 - Part 1 here to start your project, you need to follow the chain count and first few rows on Part 1 if you are going to start your project with Pattern 2 instead of Pattern 1:



Welcome to Pattern 2!
Mosaic crochet is great for all skill levels and can be used to create many different things such as blankets, pillows, purses/bags, totes and garments. You can crochet these patterns in any combination you would like or just choose one and make and entire project with the same design. The result will be an eye catching, geometric design that is unisex and versatile.


My goal is to put out a minimum of 1 pattern per week.


HOOK SIZE: 5.5 mm for a blanket but if you are doing a bag of any kind or using size 3 do yarn I would use a 5 mm or smaller.


THE YARN: I'm using size 4 and mixing in a few colors that are size 3 DK. THE TRICK TO